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Client Love!

Since this video, we have grown Lisa's email list by 

 43,000 emails for an average of   $0.86 per lead 

"Before meeting Hollie, I absolutely muddled through trying to figure out Facebook ads; and how to advertise my courses and grow my email list. And I was really finding it quite difficult.

When I met Hollie she provided incredible clarity on a whole host of tools I hadn't been aware of.


In the course of 3 months, I went from barely breaking even with an audience of just over 1K, to now an audience of over 10K and making a profit.


Hollie has been truly an indispensable part of my business and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone that feels they need guidance, clarity and some help setting your business on a path to success!"

- Lisa M, Course Creator & Art Teacher


"Working with Hollie has been absolutely amazing! My business would not be where it is today if it wasn't for her incredible expertise! 


Since hiring Hollie, my programs have been able to have more impact all over the world and reach new audience members that I wouldn't previously have. The RETURN OF INVESTMENT OF OVER 16X what we used for ad spend and it feels so amazing to have a system that works well and allows my gifts and services to reach an international audience. 


Hiring Hollie was not just about expanding my business, it was about working with someone who really understands my vision, my gifts, and what I'm here to offer the world and Hollie really GETS THAT. 


Working with her has created a whole new level of ease and flow in my business and life. She is incredible at creating graphics that really match your service and capture the right audience. 

I've worked with her for 4 months and multiple program launches and I will continue to do so! Thank you Hollie for your expertise and all the heart you put into what you do! If you get a chance to HIRE THIS WOMAN, YOU WILL BE IN AMAZING HANDS!"

Larisa, Singer, Vocal Coach & Course Creator

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